How will railroad freight be affected if the annual U.S. GDP growth breaks the three per cent mark?

..."There are expectations that the FED will make two or three further rate hikes this year. Also, GDP should rise above three per cent in the second and third quarters. Besides the tensions in trade relations, there is almost nothing not to like in the overall economy. This growth should also increase railroad freight traffic."

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TRAC Needs A Surveyor!

TRAC is currently looking to hire a full-time surveyor to join our railroad services team.  Duties will include topographic surveys, construction stake-outs, construction support (i.e. checking grades) and limited CAD work.  Candidate must have 3+ years experience in land surveying and be willing to travel.  Candidate must be comfortable working around railroads and industrial sites.  All work will be performed utilizing a robotic total station or GPS outfits.

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Use advanced knowledge of the sciences of geometry, geography, topography and related disciplines used in the field of survey to analyze, interpret and make deductions from varying facts and circumstances as found and measured in the field. 

Duties include performance and preparation of topographic surveys, as-built surveys, construction stake-outs, and CAD work.  Perform location surveys for the creation of base plans/mapping to be used for the design of railroad alignments. 

Drafting and CAD work is an essential part of, and necessarily incidental to the Survey Technicians’ survey work.  The drafting and CAD work relates to the development and execution of Survey Technicians’ own survey work as well as additional drafting duties in the development of railroad alignment, technical, and exhibit drawings.

Must be available 24 hours a day/7 days a week to deal with job-related emergencies and delays.

Must be willing to travel to different parts of the USA and possibly Canada, to perform survey and track inspection work.

Work is performed primarily outdoors with exposure to varying weather conditions.

Provide customer relations and quality control information and feedback to headquarters office.

Regularly exposed to heavy dust, rail yard conditions and substances, and grease.  Material Safety Data available upon request.

Occasionally works on slippery surfaces, and is exposed to loud noises.

Ability to lift and/or move up to and in excess of 100 lbs.

Constant, focused attention to details of work and project and to safety practices, procedures and requirements.

Must be aware that he represents TRAC at all times, and must act accordingly.



KNOWLEDGE OF:         

·         Technical and practical aspects of surveying

·         Use, maintenance and care of high value, technologically-sophisticated survey equipment

·         Geometry, geography, topography and all disciplines related to the professional practice of surveying

·         Use and care of CAD equipment and applications

·         Aspects of railroad track construction and safety.

·         First aid and safety practices.


  • Understand and follow all written and oral instructions.
  • Maintain qualifications to perform the above duties efficiently and in compliance with all safety and professional rules.
  • Perform Essential Job Functions consistent and in a manner that is proper, satisfactory and acceptable to TRAC.
  • Read and understand plats, construction plans, engineering drawings, plans, service manuals and company/employee manuals.
  • Communicate well with colleagues, customers and suppliers
  • Operate and maintain survey equipment, company cell phone, and laptop with CAD-related applications.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  Any combination of education and experience that would likely provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying. 

Advanced knowledge of field surveying and related engineering attained through a combination of work experience and intellectual instruction.   

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Possession of a valid PA Driver License issued by PennDOT DMV.  Safe and clean driving record.  Obtain and maintain security/background clearances as required by customers.  Pass and comply with all applicable company drug screening, physical, and other requirements.  Safety toe shoes and gloves required to be furnished by employee.  One set of earplugs, safety glasses, hard hat and safety vest supplied by Company.   Must have minimum 3 years of experience in surveying and be willing to travel.  Must be comfortable working around railroads and industrial sites.  All work will be performed solo by utilizing Robotic Total Station or GPS outfits.    Must also be able to clear applicable background checks to receive TWIC and E-Rail Safe credentials

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Railroads essential to commerce

"... Bottom line, rail transportation is essential to the American way of life. Twenty percent of the nation’s chemicals that are vital to public health and the the American standard of living are carried by rail. This includes 35,000 carloads, annually, of chlorine, which is needed to purify more than half of the nation’s water supply and contained in 85 percent of all pharmaceuticals..."

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We are looking for a full/part time CADD technician to aid in the creation of railroad track alignment drawings.  The ideal candidate must be proficient in AutoDesk Civil 3d software (2014 or newer), and able to read and understand general civil site and roadway alignment plans.  Duties would include drafting, plan prep, working with horizontal and vertical alignments, corridor and cross-sections, surface modeling, volume and quantities take-offs, and making drawing revisions.


  • Proficient with AutoDesk (AutoCAD) Civil 3d software.

  • Able to create and manipulate surfaces and cross-sections within AutoDesk Civil 3d environment.

  • Ability to read and understand construction plans.

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New Administration To Weigh In On Damaging Proposal Reregulating Freight Railroads

“The more things change, the more they stay the same. This year promises to be a busy one in Washington, with a new administration and Congress promising plenty of action and reform. Confirmation hearings, budget negotiations, tax and regulatory reform and a rumored infrastructure package all dot the map…”

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Freight Railroads Call For Regulatory Freeze, Reform

“The freight railroad industry is calling on the U.S. Surface Transportation Board to suspend all major rulemaking efforts until the new administration is in place and has appointed and confirmed a full five-person board.

Such a pause is in line with Donald Trump’s call for a temporary moratorium on all new regulation and a full review of both proposed and existing rules, as well as the process in which rules are made…”

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