Railroads essential to commerce

"... Bottom line, rail transportation is essential to the American way of life. Twenty percent of the nation’s chemicals that are vital to public health and the the American standard of living are carried by rail. This includes 35,000 carloads, annually, of chlorine, which is needed to purify more than half of the nation’s water supply and contained in 85 percent of all pharmaceuticals..."

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John Speaker

We are looking for a full/part time CADD technician to aid in the creation of railroad track alignment drawings.  The ideal candidate must be proficient in AutoDesk Civil 3d software (2014 or newer), and able to read and understand general civil site and roadway alignment plans.  Duties would include drafting, plan prep, working with horizontal and vertical alignments, corridor and cross-sections, surface modeling, volume and quantities take-offs, and making drawing revisions.


  • Proficient with AutoDesk (AutoCAD) Civil 3d software.

  • Able to create and manipulate surfaces and cross-sections within AutoDesk Civil 3d environment.

  • Ability to read and understand construction plans.

To Apply, Send Resume to smccorkle@railroadtrac.com


Go Ricci
New Administration To Weigh In On Damaging Proposal Reregulating Freight Railroads

“The more things change, the more they stay the same. This year promises to be a busy one in Washington, with a new administration and Congress promising plenty of action and reform. Confirmation hearings, budget negotiations, tax and regulatory reform and a rumored infrastructure package all dot the map…”

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Go Ricci
Freight Railroads Call For Regulatory Freeze, Reform

“The freight railroad industry is calling on the U.S. Surface Transportation Board to suspend all major rulemaking efforts until the new administration is in place and has appointed and confirmed a full five-person board.

Such a pause is in line with Donald Trump’s call for a temporary moratorium on all new regulation and a full review of both proposed and existing rules, as well as the process in which rules are made…”

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Go Ricci
“Freight trains help move Pennsylvania’s economy”

“Over the years, Pennsylvania’s economy and railroads grew in tandem. Today, more freight railroads operate in the Keystone State than in any other state. Large railroads like CSX and Norfolk Southern and smaller ones combined to form a rail network in Pennsylvania spanning more than 5,000 miles…”

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